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Minimally Invasive Laser
‘3D bodybuilding’
This procedure produces a 3D remodeling of your body that can target the most persistent unwelcome changes brought on by aging or the busy modern lifestyle. MyND employs the Bodytite laser to utilize directional radiofrequency(RF), which tightens skin from the surface & within while melting away fat cells dramatically. This allows for a much more precise level of control in body-shaping than is possible from exercise. We implement three-dimensional control to shape your body to match the exact build you want.
Non Invasive Laser
‘Enhanced performance and muscle growth’
Recover and speed up growth while gaining strength and vitality. This treatment accelerates healing and pain relief by utilizing radiofrequency (RF) which provides deep heating for your body. The heating also primes your muscles for superior performance, which is taken advantage of by electrical muscle stimulation(EMS). EMS activates and strengthens your muscles at a greater magnitude than is possible from a workout. Furthermore, the laser can target hard-to-train areas of muscles where you want to encourage growth. The result is that you will look and feel better right away as your body heals and develops. You will have a more fit, energetic, and muscular body, ready to take on each day.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
‘Improved circulation for a lighter, healthier, and more energetic body’
This relaxing, non-invasive yet therapeutic massage called endermologie brings about health and aesthetic benefits. Heavy and painful legs or swollen feet and ankles are the result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Endermologie stimulates healthy circulation and reduces water retention, so pain and swelling both subside, freeing you to pursue daily activities or exercise more intensely. Furthermore, this massage removes cellulite, accelerates fat loss, firms up skin tone, and reduces the waistline. An improved circulation means an improved you, with your body firing all cylinders and operating at maximum power.