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body maintenance
‘Eliminate unhealthy and unsightly veins’
MyND provides highly effective and minimally invasive solutions to both spider and varicose veins. Through sclerotherapy, which injects a small amount of solution into the affected vein through a fine needle, the vein is prompted to collapse in on itself and eventually be absorbed by the body as the walls of the collapsed vein heal together. The needle causes only a mild pinprick sensation, and no anesthesia is required. The best results come from a series of sessions over time to track the progression of vascular collapse.
Mole Removal
‘Precise evaluation and surgical removal’
Our commitment to both medical and cosmetic dermatology is exemplified in the mole removal procedures. With any mole, there is the medical diagnosis of whether it is dangerous or cancerous. There can also be the desire to remove a mole for cosmetic reasons. In either case, we will precisely evaluate your medical state and cosmetic needs and surgically remove the mole with practiced expertise.
Tattoo Removal
‘No trace left. Safe, clean, no scarring’
Once a tattoo has been removed, no one should be able to suspect it had ever been there in the first place. We achieve this result using a Q-Switched laser, which penetrates down to the dermis and disintegrates the tattoo ink without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. The laser pulse is powerful enough to instantly break apart the tattoo ink into fragments but too brief to cause tissue damage. Each treatment breaks down the ink more and more until all of it has been eliminated and absorbed by the body’s natural immune processes.
Hair Removal
‘The most long term solution to unwanted hair'
Whether it’s the legs, armpits, upper-lip, bikini line, or anywhere else, we can help you reduce wanted hair. We use laser treatments to remove existing hair and also to damage the hair follicles, which inhibits or delays future hair growth in that area. Although laser hair removal is not completely permanent, it lasts around two years in most cases. Start your series of treatments, and free yourself from the painful routines of shaving and waxing.
‘Safe and dramatic cellulite removal’
MyND utilizes fractional radiofrequency and microneedling to safely and dramatically reduce cellulite. Using the Morpheus8 laser, which is FDA approved as a subdermal adipose remodeling device, we mold fat under the skin layers to produce a smoother and sleeker appearance. Simultaneously, micro-wounds in the skin cause the body to regenerate and repair itself by producing new collagen and elastin. The result is a drastic reduction of cellulite that is safe for all skin types. This treatment is only available in the Derm Office.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
‘Reduced waistline and enhanced wellbeing’
We provide a specific deep massage therapy called endermologie which employs vacuum suction to provide the benefits of stimulated circulation and to work on cellulite, fat, loose skin, sagging shapes, love handles, body sculpting, and improved blood and lymphatic circulation. The stimulation of the skin targets fat layers and increases elasticity to reduce cellulite and sculpt body contours. The clinical results that have been recorded for the body through endermologie are as follows: a 70% increase in fat release (lipolysis), a 240% increase in collagen production activation, and a 5.2cm waistline reduction.
Non Invasive Laser
‘Toned and tightened’
With precise control and treatment, achieve the tone and tightness you want precisely in your target areas. Utilizing EvolveX, we employ bipolar radiofrequency(RF) to tighten your body and electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) to tone your body. The RF’s heating the skin and the subdermal layer remodels skin and improves appearance, and the EMS’s muscular activation results in visibly improved health caused by refined muscle growth. EMSCULPT NEO® goes beyond fat reduction by using HIFEM+ to induce powerful muscle contractions. These contractions are much stronger than anything achievable through voluntary exercise, forcing muscles to adapt and grow in size and density.