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[NON-plastic surgery]
Foxy Eyes
‘Create eyelines for an alluring impression’
A globally popularized beauty standard by stars and top models, the Foxy Eyes can be yours without surgery. Through PDO Thread Lifting, your eyes can attain the foxiness you want easily and safely. This aesthetic procedure can give you foxy eyes with no need for makeup for up to a year.
Nose Lift
‘Hands-on technique for a sharp nose and a refined face’
The nose determines the profile of your face. Whether it is the size, shape, or orientation that you wish to change, we can safely and effectively give you the nose that matches your ideal vision and looks natural. Depending on your needs, we will use the appropriate combination of PDO Thread Lifting and Radiesse fillers to mold and fill out the center of your face to your exact desires.
Chin Enhancement
‘Achieve your dream face shape’
Your chin and jawline do not have to be limited by genetics and bone structure. Hyaluronic Fillers and Radiesse fillers can naturally mold the shape of your chin, neck, and jawline. The expertise and technology at MyND means that as we adjust the volume and elasticity around your chin, we achieve chin enhancement that surpasses what was previously possible only through surgery.
Cheek Lift
‘The key to a youthful face’
Full and elastic cheeks are the immediate tell-tale signs of a youthful face. Once you have consulted with our medical professionals and determined that Cheek Lifting is your goal, Hyaluronic Fillers and Radiesse fillers will be strategically employed according to your facial features and desires. Within hours, or even minutes, you can turn back years of time for your cheeks and thus your face.

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