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Botox / Xeomin
‘Eliminate lines and wrinkles’
A nonsurgical, anti-aging treatment injected directly into the muscles, Botox is a minimally invasive and highly effective alternative to cosmetic surgery, delivering tangible results with greater affordability and no downtime. Frown lines form when facial expressions are made as the muscle under the skin contracts. By working on your nerve impulses to relax your muscles, Botox treats dynamic wrinkles induced by excessive muscle movement and can also be applied to specific areas of face, legs, and upper body to achieve desired contouring of face and body. Xeomin works through the same principles, but it differs from Botox in that it is a purified version, keeping only the therapeutic, essential components and eliminating unnecessary proteins. This makes it quick acting and easily accepted by the body. Smooth out wrinkles, erase fine lines and crow's feet, and gain a long lasting, natural looking youthfulness for your face and body.
‘Activate the skin's natural regenerative process and replenish lost facial collagen’
Sculptra helps your skin to gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cells and tissue—for results that can last up to two years. It activates your body within the deepest layers of the skin to revitalize collagen production and restore your skin’s inner structure and volume.
HA Fillers
‘Instantly plump up for a sustained youthful look’
Composed of Hyaluronic Acid and other molecules that are important to providing optimal skin tensile strength and volume, HA fillers plump up the skin and restore youthful contours and proportions. They enhance facial harmony through correction of volume loss in the midface/cheek areas and through the reduction of wrinkles, scar depressions, and superficial fine lines. Furthermore, the fillers stimulate collagen production over time, so your very first treatment will start you on the path to anti-aging. The HA fillers offered include Juvederm, Versa, RHA, and Belotero. 
‘Differentiated skill making the best for different parts of the face’
Dr. Son’s hands-on technique, combined with his unique dedication and understanding of ethnic skincare, means that you truly receive the treatment that fits best each part of your face. Committed to using innovative yet proven treatments, we use Radiesse, which uniquely utilizes CaHA and is FDA approved to smooth out moderate to severe face wrinkles and folds. Our skillful application to target areas, such as around the nose and mouth, produces both immediate and sustained improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.
Platelet-Rich Plasma [PRP] Therapy
‘Rich growth factors for your hair’
PRP Therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to stimulate hair growth. With any injury, the platelets in your blood and the growth factors they contain are vital to the healing and regeneration process. First, a blood sample is taken from the patient. Next, a device called a centrifuge isolates the platelets from the other parts of the blood, creating a highly concentrated sample of platelets called Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP). The PRP is then injected into the target area, the scalp, so the growth factors can do their work on your hair and bring about regrowth. And since it is your own blood, PRP is one of the most natural and safe treatments possible.
Submental Fullness Injection
‘Final goodbye to stubborn double chins’
Colloquially known as a “double chin,” submental fullness is the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin. Weight gain can often bring about a double chin, but weight loss is not likely to reverse the process as genetic predisposition and aging also play a major role in the development of a double chin. Through comprehensive personal assessment and skilled administration of Kybella, the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for submental fullness, MyND provides the best non-surgical option for treating submental fullness. We dissolve submental fat and produce noticeable improvement by streamlining and defining your chin and neck contour. Utilizing deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring substance synthesized by our body to break down dietary fat, an injection of Kybella under the chin destroys the fat cells there permanently so that they cannot store or accumulate fat.