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Spa treatment
The ultra-focused customized treatments focus on exactly what you need from your facial for your health and esthetic goals. With the Esthetic Program, clean, lift, plump, hydrate, and soothe your skin. Relax, enjoy the process and look forward to the radiant health and beauty that will shine from your face. 
IV Therapy
MyND is here to have you at your best health every day. Due to the fast paced, high stress nature of the modern lifestyle, too many people have a habit of normalizing unwellness, not realizing that their bodies are sending them warning signs through headaches, fatigue, and general feelings of “something just being off.” Often, that something is a vitamin deficiency, and IV therapy instantly improves your well-being by delivering essential vitamins directly into your bloodstream, which are absorbed at a 100% rate as opposed to the 20% absorption possible through your digestive system.