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IV Therapy
Vitamin Shots
‘Become productive, focused and alert’
Don’t let vitamin deficiencies drag you down. They can last for days, even months, ruining plans and generally making you feel miserable. As the IV Therapy injects directly into the bloodstream the fluids and nutrients your body is missing, the scientific and chemical causes of your malaise are eliminated. Feel good as new and ready to take on the day.
Fatigue and Weakness
‘Be recharged full of energy and strength’
Energize yourself so you can go out there and enjoy your life. By removing the toxins weighing you down, the MyND Fatigue Remedy gives you a boost to combat even the worst night’s sleep. When exhaustion sets in because of work, stress, or any other reason, get the invigoration you need with this scientific pick-me-up. 
Mynd’s Cocktail
‘Get rid of nagging conditions’
Invented by physician John Myers, this treatment addresses a wide range of clinical conditions, including migraines, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, and muscle spasms, light sensitivity, and sexual dysfunction. If you have nagging conditions which have stubbornly resisted all treatments, it is very possible that the Myer’s Cocktail is the solution.
Immunity Boost
‘Arm your body against anything’
Keep your body constantly healthy and avoid getting sick in the first place. The Immune Boost treatment delivers much-needed vitamins with antioxidant CoQ10 to your circulatory system, so they can travel to all parts of your body and improve your body’s natural immune functions.