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Photodynamic Therapy [PDT]
‘The ultimate medical solution to acne’
PDT is a noninvasive therapy that uses light treatments along with an application of a photosensitizing agent, typically 5-aminolevulinic acid(ALA). Originally approved by the FDA for treatment of skin cancer, this technique is now being used as a safe and effective treatment for acne, especially against severe and long-lasting acne. Studies have shown a significant improvement of acne breakouts, improvement of skin texture, and the softening and reduction of acne scars. PDT achieves what drugs like isotretinoin attempt to do, except without any of the drugs' side effects.
Scar Treatment
‘For smooth and even skin free of acne scars or damage’
In addition to eliminating acne and its causes, we erase the traces of acne by healing your skin to be good as new. The Morpheus8 and Stellar M22 lasers remodel the skin so that scarring and other damage from acne are filled in through your body’s production of collagen. 
Medical Treatment
‘Treating the root source of acne’
Receive a comprehensive treatment that addresses the causes of acne and brings relief. The medical treatment applies a combination of medicines that best suits the patient’s condition. Antibiotics decrease bacteria and inflammation, and vitamin A lowers inflammation, redness and cell damage. Accutane may also be used to clear away acne by preventing clogged 36.11pores and reducing skin oil production and bacteria.