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Spa treatment
Acne Care
‘Clear, unclog, and soothe’
A series of extractions and peels are used to clear your skin and clogged pores. The facials cleanse, purify, soothe and clear the complexion. Then according to your condition, customized peels are applied to address challenges of acneic skin and/or soothing and purifying masks are applied to ameliorate inflammation.
Lifting Care
‘A tighter, more firm, and more supple face’
First feel your facial features becoming lifted, increasing in elasticity and becoming tighter. Then see for yourself the visible differences. Firm up and reshape your face while smoothing out lines and wrinkles.   
Mynd Care
‘Pamper and nourish your face with new life’
Treat yourself to a therapeutic and healing experience. MyND Care takes total care of you. Your skin is moisturized and plumped while dehydration lines are smoothed away. The treatment revitalizes and stimulates cellular activity, so you and your skin will be refreshed, more vibrant, and more energized. 
Hydra Peeling
‘Cleanse, hydrate and protect. A hightech 3-in-1 treatment’
Hydra peeI integrates vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and iontophoresis. First, the skin is cleansed, peeled, and exfoliated. Second, vacuum extraction removes pore clogging dirt and bacteria while you receive moisturization. Lastly, iontophoresis fuses and protects the skin. The gentle water peeling of old and damaged skin allows for smother, firmer, new healthy skin to emerge. 
Soothing Care
‘Feel better right away'
How you feel is our primary concern. We work so you can have the look and health that you can be happy with and feel good about yourself. Soothing care is all about feeling good. Irritations and pains are taken care of right away. You will receive instant comfort as we tone down any excessive redness or other discolorations.
‘ Coldest, concentrated cryotherapy’
FROZEN NC cryotherapy increases blood flow & causes a proliferation of available oxygen to revive tissues. It is exceptional for calming after other procedures, reducing inflammation, redness, & bruising, shortening downtime, reducing the appearance of large pores, as well as smoothing skin tone & texture.