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Dermatologists Predict What the Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatments

If there's one thing you can count on from the beauty industry, it's the ebb and flow of trends. From flash in the pan TikToks, to more slowly evolving arcs, like the change we've seen in eyebrows from the 80s to today, there's always something new popping up to pique our interest and encourage our exploration.

The same goes for the aesthetic treatments, and it's always exciting to see what new advancements are developed for our more in-depth skin treatments.

Since a new year is quickly approaching, we checked in with leading dermatologists from across the country to get their educated predictions on which anti-aging procedures will be most popular in 2022.

From an injectable that may rival Botox, to advanced methods of getting rid of cellulite, these are the six treatments derms predict will start surging in the next few months.

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Skin Boosters

According to Dr. Sabrina Fabi of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, skin boosters are going to be big next year.

"Skin boosters have long been approved and used extensively in Canada and Europe, and we're about to see a brand get FDA approval here in the U.S.," she says. "The idea is that hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, so the greatest emphasis is not just about getting rid of lines and wrinkles, but getting really good quality skin to match."

You can think of skin boosters as a hybrid between vitamin or enzyme injections and fillers. By injecting hyaluronic acid — our skin's natural moisturizer — you're going to get added glow and hydration as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. They can be applied all over the face, neck, and chest.

Cellulite Treatments

It's no surprise after seeing Qwo hit derm and plastic surgeon offices this year that medical cellulite treatments were destined to expand. But if you're not familiar, Qwo is the first FDA-approved injectable to treat cellulite in the buttocks.

"Cellulite affects 90% of women, and the in-office treatment of cellulite will continue to grow, Fabi shares. "After Qwo's approval, we just saw another treatment get FDA approved called Resonic. It's a little more surgical, but since cellulite is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different issues, you have to have a lot of different tools to fix the problem."

Resonic is a FDA-cleared device that generates high-frequency sound waves that are sent through the skin. It's non-invasive and can help reduce dimpling, thus helping to achieve more smoothness in the skin.  

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There is a lot of buzz surrounding Daxi right now — even though that technically isn't even its permanent name (until final FDA approval happens, there won't be a finalized brand name).

As a neuromodulator (the clinical term for Botox and Dysport) that is currently undergoing the FDA approvals process, Daxi is projected to be approved and available in the next three or four months.

Dr. Bruce Katz of JUVA Skin and Laser Center in New York City was one of the first dermatologists to clinically study Daxi, and he's very excited about the results he's seen in trials.

"This is going to replace Botox for many people," he shares. "To have an alternative to Botox or Dysport where you can get the same benefits without having to come into the office as often is a game-changer for the industry."

On average, patients need to get Botox every three months. With Daxi, you'll only have to go in to see your derm twice a year for treatment.

Nano-Pulse Stimulation

A new technology called NPS, or Nano-Pulse Stimulation, will also see an uptick in 2022 according to Katz.

"This is a completely new energy source, and it delivers very high-powered, short electric pulses that target the cell in any tissue," he shares. That means this technology is being able to treat everything from acne to keratoses to warts more effectively and easily than previous treatments allowed.

"So to treat acne, you can use this to target oil glands, and it turns off the power cell, so that cell dies, but doesn't cause any damage to the surrounding tissue," he says. You can expect to hear this come up in in-office discussions for treatment of back acne, benign moles, and potentially skin cancers.

Lip Flips

There's no doubt that we've seen a return to a more natural-looking aesthetic trending in recent years. This was, of course, fueled more recently by the pandemic and losing access to in-office treatments during lockdown.

Dr. Alexis Parcells of Parcells Plastic Surgery in New Jersey confirms this trend shift will also affect how facial enhancements will be pursued.

"Many women are interested in rejuvenating their lips, but they don't want that over-filled, unnatural look associated with fillers," she says. "With a Botox lip lift, you can temporarily relax a very small area of the muscle surrounding the lips, which causes the lip to roll slightly upward and appear more voluminous and defined."

Combination Treatments

We've never been short on the "time is money" approach to life in the U.S., but something the aesthetics industry is seeing post-pandemic is purposeful appointments, so you get the most out of each visit.

Dr. Elizabeth Mullans of Uptown Dermatology in Houston shares, "Combination treatments are on the rise, as people are going back to work and want to feel their best. If multiple treatments can be performed during the same appointment to treat different problems, it only makes sense to maximize your time in the office."